Grow your business with targeted, high-quality leads.

The Prospecting Hub makes it easy to connect your company with your ideal customers and sell them.

sales revenue growth

Accelerate revenue growth

reduce prospecting time

Reduce prospecting time by 80%

fill your sales pipeline

Fill your sales pipeline

A lack of prospects in your pipeline will stall your business growth.

a confused sales team

Is your marketing team wasting hours searching for potential customers?


Are you finding inbound marketing using advertising and SEO investments to be a money drain with almost no response or ROI?


Has your sales crew become discouraged by a lack of prospects?


Are you struggling to find fresh leads to grow your business?

Save time and easily grow your business with The Prospecting Hub


Web Visitor Identification alerts you round-the-clock to potential customers


Made for Small and Medium Businesses


Have a continuous flow of warm leads


Save time researching suitable prospects and easily generate high-quality leads


Enjoy a productive and happy sales team


Enable your sales and marketing so they can succeed

You deserve a smooth and quick sales flow.

That’s why we created The Prospecting Hub.


Our Data Engine can create lists of your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Your ICP refers to your perfect customer, based on market research and current customer data. You can then focus your marketing efforts on targeting leads that are the most likely to convert into customers.

Getting qualified leads is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Define your search criteria

Using The Prospecting Hub, you can accurately target the leads you need.

2. Export your results

Narrow your search down using our 40 data points, including gender and age range.

3. Start selling

With our data engine, you can easily and quickly engage with potential customers, move them from new leads to engaged prospects, and progress into your sales pipeline.